Helen (Studio Owner)

Helen Barefoot is the founder and owner of Barefoot Yoga & Therapy. Helen found solace in the practice of yoga 10 years ago after a friend recommended a local Vinyasa class in London. It was then that she discovered her true passion for Yoga and promoting the stimulation in mind, body and soul.  Helen graduated as a Yoga teacher in the Himalayas, the origin of Yoga. Her practice is authentic and holistic, combining Hatha and Vinyasa principles and incorporating her knowledge of, Yoga Philosophy, Chanting, Mantras, Sanskrit, Asana (postures), Pranayama, (breathing), Yoga Philosophy, Meditation/relaxation and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) plus Acu-yoga (yoga for acupressure).   Since then, Helen has gone onto gain qualifications in Perinatal and Postnatal and spent time Costa Rica completing her 100-hour Yin Yoga certificate and has gained her qualification in aerial trapeze yoga and Barre fitness with Barre Concept. Helen is also a trained Massage & Cupping Therapist and offers a variety of massages including Relaxation, Deep tissue and Swedish massage.   Helen offers a bespoke yoga class tailored to the individual’s needs, allowing people to strive to their physical and mental goals but ensuring that people have fun along the way! Whether you are a Yoga veteran or a Yoga novice, Helen’s aim is to introduce members to her style of Yoga, and in turn help clients to combat their health issues either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Initially I considered yoga to simply be a physical practise but I have since learnt that it can be so much more! Through a lighthearted, playful and inclusive approach, my classes offer students a chance to explore the physical practise whilst also throwing some meditation, yoga philosophy and breath work into the mix. Let us have an hour to be present, turn our focus inwards and find some calm amongst life’s chaos. I have my 200 hour qualification but love learning so have completed additional training in yoga nidra and am currently training in yin yoga and sound healing.


Teaching Yoga is sharing what I love –my teaching approach stresses detailed instruction and creativity to make the sessions accessible for people with different bodies. Thereby specialising in pre-and postnatal yoga and yoga for children and adults with additional needs. The integration of people with different needs is also mirrored in my Hatha and Vinyasa classes. Furthermore, I focus on the body-mind connection by exploring the effects of the postures, breathing practices, and meditative exercises on the body, for example, by feeling how the breath moves through the body or how a specific asana affects oneself. This approach can lead the practitioner inwards, offering a calm space. I started practising in 2007 - with 25 years. Back then, yoga was a welcomed addition to endurance sports (triathlon and marathon) by enabling me to stretch and strengthen my muscles. Over the years, and trying different styles, I became aware of deeper layers of yoga, which led me to a Teacher Training in 2018/2019. Afterwards, I not only started to teach, furthermore I deepened my knowledge in further teacher training and the completion of the MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (University of London/ SOAS)


I’m Jono a Barbadian born yin, ashtanga, vinyasa and rocket yoga teacher. Jono strongly believes that yoga is accessible for everyone no matter your age, gender or level of flexibility. He is an island boy who fell in love with yoga because of the way it made him feel once he stepped off the mat. My classes are a dynamic flow guided by your breath aimed to improve your strength & flexibility while providing a safe space to unwind and challenge yourself. Expect lots of fun and maybe a few drills 🙂


I am originally from Brazil and came to London in 2013 to complete my MA studies. After arriving in London I began a regular yoga practice and fell in love with the changes it brought to my life, increasing both physical and mental strength.   In 2019 after becoming disillusioned within the corporate environment I went to India to complete my Yoga teacher training with Samyak Yoga, this enabled me to share my passion for Yoga with others. Since then Yoga has become central to my lifestyle and I have been dedicated to learning, practicing and sharing it with the world. In my classes I enjoy working with breath and movement to energize or relax the mind, body and spirit creating a moving meditation.


I began my journey to yoga teaching with the year-long 200-hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training I completed with Jonathan Francis Thompson at Yoga London, in 2018. This, combined with my study into psychology, led me to find comfort in yoga by learning to live in the present moment with more patience and humility. Ashtanga Yoga, to inspire my students of all levels to experience therapeutic and mindful classes, whilst challenging each of them individually. I use a holistic practice to encourage cleansing and toning of the body, mind and senses. I concentrate on breathing exercises to achieve 3-dimensional yogic breath, creating longer breathing cycles to help my students achieve a more meditative state in their yoga practice. My personal practice builds upon combining physical yoga self-practice together with nurturing and restorative yoga sessions and Reiki meditation. Additionally, I sustain a plant-based diet, encouraging a broad approach to healing the body and mind as well as caring for the living world. I believe the most important lesson in yoga is allowing yourself the time your practice needs to mature and for the healing process to work. My public classes consist of a mixture of Alignment Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin. I provide clear and effective alignment cues to help my students build up their strength and confidence in understanding the major yoga postures.