Hip Opener Workshop

The Hip Opener workshop will include a series of yoga poses focused on the hips, releasing any physical and emotional barriers to prepare your body.

Our bodies are incredible machines that are designed to move. However, our busy lifestyles and exercise schedules can result in over exercising placing too much strain on our bodies. The way that we move our bodies can lead to hip and lower back problems i.e. tight, stiff and painful hips and lower back.


Over time the hip muscles become tight, disrupting the muscles and structures both above and below the hips. This results in knee problems and lower back pain. Shoulder and neck pain can come as a consequence. Vigorous exercise such as running, cycling and contact sports can cause repetitive use of the hip flexors to lift the leg to propel you forward. This can cause extra stress on the hip, knee and ankle joints.  


Our body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hips are often the centre of many embedded and suppressed emotions.

By releasing the muscular tension these suppressed emotions can also be shifted, allowing you to feel lighter and freer – physically as well as emotionally. Additionally, if you are prone to suffering from stress or tension, you will undoubtedly hold this tension in the hip and lower back area – as well as the neck, shoulders, jaw and chest. They all work synergistically.


How The 2.5 Hour Workshop Will Help You

  •  Focus on hip opening poses that will work around all angles of your hips.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the anatomy of your hips and will use standing, seated and supine postures to increase your range of motion in all directions.
  • Offer body modifications for students with injury or physical trauma.
  • Balance yourself physically and emotionally.
  • Leave with more freedom of movement in your hips and a better relationship with hip opening poses, improving your yoga practice.

           Suitable for all levels of ability.


           £25 per person for 2.5 hour workshop (to be discussed). Please complete the medical waiver form by clicking the button below.