Helen (Studio Owner)

Helen Barefoot is the founder and owner of Barefoot Yoga & Therapy.

Helen found solace in the practice of yoga 10 years ago after a friend recommended a local Vinyasa class in London. It was then that she discovered her true passion for Yoga and promoting the stimulation in mind, body and soul. 

Helen graduated as a Yoga teacher in the Himalayas, the origin of Yoga. Her practice is authentic and holistic, combining Hatha and Vinyasa principles and incorporating her knowledge of, Yoga Philosophy, Chanting, Mantras, Sanskrit, Asana (postures), Pranayama, (breathing), Yoga Philosophy, Meditation/relaxation and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) plus Acu-yoga (yoga for acupressure).  

Since then, Helen has gone onto gain qualifications in Perinatal and Postnatal and spent time Costa Rica completing her 100-hour Yin Yoga certificate and has gained her qualification in aerial trapeze yoga and Barre fitness with Barre Concept. Helen is also a trained Massage & Cupping Therapist and offers a variety of massages including Relaxation, Deep tissue and Swedish massage.  

Helen offers a bespoke yoga class tailored to the individual’s needs, allowing people to strive to their physical and mental goals but ensuring that people have fun along the way! Whether you are a Yoga veteran or a Yoga novice, Helen’s aim is to introduce members to her style of Yoga, and in turn help clients to combat their health issues either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.